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As a recruiter at FinPoint Partners you will see the results of all of your work.
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As a truly agile, and flexible entrepreneurial approach, FinPoint enables its team to become leaders of their own destiny. The opportunities are endless. With the constant expansion of disciplines, we are always looking for industry experts who would like to drive their own success. We will work with you to define your wants and needs and develop a career path that works for you.


First and foremost every person who works for FinPoint Partners has a passion for the sectors we work in. With an authentic and approachable workplace, we find a fantastic balance between reflecting your own style with a dress code reflective of our client and candidate base. We have a commitment from the top to providing a good work life balance, fantastic offices in the heart of the city and a well trained ability to celebrate success in style. We are honest, welcoming and strong believers that everyone is an individual and one size certainly does not fit all.​

​​training and development

Whether you are new to the industry or experienced or whether you're are a junior or senior consultant we will invest time and energy to ensure that you are continuously learning and developing. With a highly established experienced management team you will be mentored from the start but most importantly you will be able to develop your own way of working and we are always happy to hear new ideas and suggestions to improve.